Show-final of “Mini-Miss Rostov”

This contest is the most fantastic one among the children beauty contests as the youngest beauties from Rostov-on-Don ruled there. The leaders of the show-program - Russian fairytale heroes Znayka and Neznayka invited the young ladies to the stage and the children amazed and enthusiastically looking at the shining Christmas decorations of the stage gracefully showed carnival dresses. And all of them are only from 3 to 6 years old.

Each participant created her own number. They were so different, that we got a real carnival of the young talents. There were many different young princesses, including the ones from China, gangsters, pirates, bees and even pearls, coming out of the sea bowl. All these were connected with the show.

It was very difficult for jury members to choose the best ones. Children in this age are so individual, inspirative and sometimes even whimsical, that is was very-very difficult to estimate them. But it's a contest and everything's said by these words.

Young participants competed at different contest episodes. First of all it's coming out to the stage with the show-leader, than it's the talent contest, where it was necessary to prove to the jury members and auditory that despite of their young age they already have many different talents. Then they had an outstanding possibility to participate in the avant guarde collection show of the "Born" shop. It was the main difference of this contest from the other ones. And, at last every one had to present their individual show number.

At the end of the show, sure was held the most exciting part of the contest - the rewarding ceremony. The young winners were crowned by «Little Miss Universe 2006» Diana Bekoeva and «Miss Russia 2006» Tatyana Kotova.

The winners were:

From 3 to 4 years old
Mini-Miss Rostov - Alexandra Boldireva
I Vice-Miss Rostov - Diana Atoeva
II Vice-Miss Rostov - Yana Agrshina

From 5 to 6 years old
Mini-Miss Rostov - Natalya Fironova
I Vice-Miss Rostov - Katerina Li
II Vice-Miss Rostov - Daria Makeeva

All the participants got presents from the sponsors of the contest: soft toys from "Hooliver" Trading House, sweets from the deputy of the Rostov-on-Don municipal duma Igor Molotov. The winners were awarded with jewelry, certificates for children massage from "Siam Spa" saloon, certificates for children clothes from "Born" shop. "Image-Centre" awarded the winners with "Nika"s - the symbols of victory and diadems, which will be reminding them about their triumph all life long! The organizers of the contest - "Image" children beauty and secular education school.